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Free EU delivery for orders above 40€

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Одяг на роки

Clothes for years

Rebel Patterns: Where Everyday Clothes Transform into Timeless Essentials

Remember that favorite t-shirt that faded after just a few washes? Or that cozy sweatshirt that became your second skin but eventually lost its shape? If these stories sound familiar, then Rebel Patterns has the answer. This Ukrainian brand is all about creating clothes that prioritize comfort, self-expression, and quality, ensuring your favorite pieces remain delightful companions for years to come.

The spirit of Rebel Patterns can be summed up in one phrase: "Got a problem? Here's an idea!" This motto encapsulates the mindset of Ukrainian entrepreneurs. They don't settle for compromises; they craft solutions. The emergence of Rebel Patterns exemplifies how an ambitious dream can flourish even in the face of adversity. Moreover, it shines as a beacon for those who remain steadfast in pursuing their dreams and embracing their freedom.

Rebel Patterns doesn't just offer modern and comfortable clothing; it's a medium for self-expression, a canvas for showcasing your individuality through style.

Denys Hryvas, one of the founders and the CEO of Rebel Patterns, shares the brand's journey:

"This is a dream that has been brewing for years, dating back to my school days. My friends and I nurtured this idea throughout our childhood. We would sit at our desks, daydreaming about how we'd bring this concept to life someday. However, life often seems to postpone these dreams, convincing us that 'it's not the right time.' But there comes a point when you look back and realize how fleeting life is—when, if not now?"

And so began the journey to launch the first collection, complete with the development of the concept, a unique color palette, and distinctive details. Even the logo you see on our garments today is a prototype conceived years ago. Halyna, a talented graphic designer and our friend, adapted and refined it.

But what's particularly special about Rebel Patterns is that every piece is crafted entirely in Ukraine. Organizing each stage of production, from sourcing threads to fabric manufacturing and sewing according to the samples, presented significant challenges.

We dedicated considerable time to ensuring impeccable quality. When you receive a Rebel Patterns t-shirt or sweatshirt, you'll notice that every detail is precisely as intended. Countless test samples were crafted; after all, it was vital for us that every aspect met our high standards. Thankfully, we emerged victorious in this endeavor!

Our collections at Rebel Patterns embrace the season's trendiest colors, with each release being limited in quantity. We wanted our clothing to be unique—because what's the fun in wearing what everyone else has? Every detail is meticulously designed, as if it were for our personal use. If we're going to do it, we do it right!

Rebel Patterns is where art meets fashion—a labor of love and passion. Each of our collections is limited edition, meaning only a finite number of pieces are available. Once they're gone, there won't be a reissue. Instead, we immediately set to work on our next collection! So, you'll always have the opportunity to enrich your wardrobe with genuinely exceptional and cherished pieces.

Rebel Patterns is clothing designed for everyone who craves comfort and freedom. By choosing Rebel Patterns, you're choosing pieces that will become wardrobe essentials, accompanying you on e


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