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Осінь 2023: модні тренди

Autumn 2023: fashion trends

Traditionally, special attention is paid to fashion trends. After all, during this period, interesting and relevant trends appear, which are a reaction to world events and the mood of people.

So, the TOP-3 fashion trends look like this:

  1. Environmental friendliness. The world is increasingly aware of the need to conserve and rationally use resources. Clothing manufacturers focus on using environmentally sustainable materials and creating things that will last a long time.
  2. Minimalism. Clean lines and mono-colored images are gaining more and more popularity. This is a real art - to express your style while remaining concise.
  3. Contrasts. The bright author's prints are replaced by a "game of contrasts". Designers strive to express style by combining contrasting colors and textures.

As for the color palette, of course, many are guided by the "Colors of the Year", which are traditionally announced by the Pantone Color Institute. At Rebel Patterns, we believe that color is one of the most important components for expressing style, mood and feelings.

That is why we developed our own palette taking into account the trendy colors of this season:

  • Not So Vanilla

This shade symbolizes the beauty of authenticity and the power of being true to yourself. In today's world, where individuality is valued above all else, clothing becomes a way to express yourself, and "Not So Vanilla" is your way to express yourself.

  • Warrior Nature

The deep green color reflects the strength we take from nature. This shade symbolizes a commitment to resilience, just as nature weathers every storm. We believe that every person has an inner warrior, and it is important to tap into this inner strength to overcome all challenges.

  • Moody Apricot

A shade reminiscent of the setting sun, sweet and spicy at the same time. This color symbolizes the variety of emotions that make our life interesting. In the world of Rebel Patterns, we believe that it is worth celebrating both positive and negative moments in life, because it is this contrast that makes our existence colorful and interesting.

  • Behind The Rainbow

It's more than just the color black. It reflects the complexity of human nature, its mystery and depth. At Rebel Patterns, we believe that each person has their own bright and dark sides, and it's important to embrace and integrate them.

Rebel Patterns is a brand that creates clothing that help emphasize the uniqueness and individuality of your style and outlook. That is why we create limited collections for each season. Each new collection is completely new designs, styles and colors: everything that is relevant here and now. Therefore, if you fell in love with one of the shades of our palette and found the same sweatshirt of your dreams in the collection, order immediately! Because next time it will be trendy and modern, but a completely different story.


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