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Press release

Rebel Patterns Unveils Debut Collection: Embrace the Colors of Autumn!

Ukraine's newest fashion sensation, Rebel Patterns, is thrilled to introduce its inaugural clothing collection. This collection marries self-expression through style with a perfect blend of comfort and contemporary aesthetics, catering to individuals who cherish their freedom and comfort.

Rebel Patterns stands as a compelling testament to the realization of unique ideas even amidst the most challenging circumstances. This brand doesn't merely create clothing; it empowers wearers to showcase their individuality. The dream that fuels Rebel Patterns has been nurtured since the founders' school days, and now, it has beautifully materialized.

Denys Hryvas, one of the founders and the CEO of Rebel Patterns, reflects on their journey:

"My school friends and I cherished this dream since our formative years. We'd sit at our desks, daydreaming about bringing our vision to life someday. Yet, life often delays these aspirations, convincing us that 'it's not the right time.' But, at some point, when you glance back at the world's whirlwind and the fleeting nature of life, the thought inevitably arises: 'When if not now?'"

Quality of the highest caliber stands as one of the core values of Rebel Patterns. Every facet of their clothing is meticulously planned, and all items are exclusively manufactured in Ukraine, adhering to stringent quality standards and rigorous quality control measures. Each product represents a limited edition model, promising its owners an unparalleled and distinctive style.

Denys Hryvas aptly adds, "Why follow the crowd when every detail can be tailored to your uniqueness? If we do it, we do it right, 100%!"

Rebel Patterns isn't merely a fashion brand; it's an artistic masterpiece manifesting in clothing. Each of their collections is presented as a limited edition, ensuring that once the items are sold out, they won't be reproduced. Instead, the brand promptly dives into crafting its next collection. This ensures that you'll consistently have the opportunity to enhance your wardrobe with truly exceptional and cherished pieces.

The brand consciously champions individuality, steering clear of the well-trodden path of selling what's popular over and over again. In their pursuit of constant development, Rebel Patterns remains in sync with the times, attuned to the prevailing events and moods. They aim to offer what's relevant 'here and now,' gathering inspiration from everyday life.

A hallmark of Rebel Patterns clothing is its unique color palette, carefully curated in accordance with the season's trends:

  1. Not So Vanilla: A pristine white symbolizing the beauty of authenticity and the strength of staying true to oneself.

  2. Warrior Nature: A deep green, reflecting the vigor drawn from nature and the inner warrior that conquers all challenges.

  3. Moody Apricot: A hue reminiscent of the setting sun, representing life's vibrant tapestry of emotions and contrasts.

  4. Behind The Rainbow: The color black, signifying the intricate facets of human nature and the importance of embracing one's entirety.

The Rebel Patterns color palette is a celebration of your uniqueness. By crafting your style and selecting colors, you express yourself and breathe life into your individuality. Join the world of Rebel Patterns—a realm inhabited by bold, original, and free-spirited individuals—and let your personal palette shine brilliantly!


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